Please find below links to purchase our club kit, companies that sell costumes, trunks and training accessories, these are only a few of the popular websites that people use but you will find that it is sometimes best to shop around.  Please remember to search companies via Easyfundraising to help raise money for the club.

Club kit required for each Squad is mentioned below:-

Top A B Development Club Disability
Kickboard X X X X X
Junior Pull Buoy X X X X X
Training Fins X X X* X
Floating Fins X
Hand Paddles X X X X
Snorkles X X X

* Not required until floating fins have been out grown.

They are our current supplier for club kit, there have been a few issues regarding stock for certain items, it might be worth checking stock and delivery times before purchasing.  A new supplier is being looked at but this will take time to get samples to approve.

They are our current supplier for club rucksacks.  They also sell some of the training equipment, but it is always best to shop around for the best price.

Below are a couple of companies that sell swimming kit - training and racing costumes, training equipment, etc.

ProSwimwear -

Allens of Kingsbury -

The next link is to Stortford Sports Supplies, this is the shop that normally attends our meets and County Championships and various other meets around the region.  They do have a website but it is always best to contact them first to see if they can source what you are after.  They are very knowledgeable, and are very very helpful.  Normally they would be able to bring items to our meets to pass over but due to there not being any competitions at the moment you may only be able to purchase online.