Swim England Membership and Studying Abroad

Some of our swimmers may find that they would like to study abroad rather than in the UK.  We have sourced some information from Swim England that is important to follow to ensure that you can compete at home and abroad while at University, and also ensure that your times while you are abroad are updated onto the Swim England Rankings Database.  This is something that the swimmer/parent will have to do themselves this is not something that we as a club can do for them.  If you need help we can relay your question to the appropriate people at Swim England and forward on their response.

Please make sure you that this is completed before you leave.

Any members that are competing overseas and want their times included on the British Rankings need to complete an International Permit which we will approve, further information can be found at https://www.britishswimming.org/members-resources/international-permits/.  The are required to be registered with a category 2 member with an English club.


Once a permit has been approved times will need to be submitted to [email protected] within 28 day of the member competing.