08 Dec 2022

 We are writing to advise you of an update to the minimum depth of water required for swimmers to dive into a swimming pool. 

 Following a review by Swim England and in light of a number of ‘near misses’ which involved swimmers diving into shallow water, the new guidance states the minimum depth for dive entries should be 1.35m. With specific reference to swimming, this is in line with FINA Regulations.
Having consulted with members, Leadership Groups and Sports Operations Committee, Swim England has agreed with insurers that swimming clubs will have a period of transition to meet the new requirements – providing a full risk assessment has been carried out and put in place.
 This means that from 1 September 2023, all Swim England affiliated clubs will be required to ensure that all dive entries are into at least 1.35m of water.
It is also a requirement from 1 January to 31 August 2023 that:
  •  No dives will be permitted from poolside into water which has a depth of less than 1 metre.
  • If the water is between 1 metre and 1.2 metres, a poolside dive will be permitted providing it is not from 0.4 metres above the surface.
  • Dives into depths between 1.2 metres and 1.35 metres are allowed from the poolside or a starting block, as long it is not more than 0.75 metres above the water.
You should also ensure that only those swimmers who have reached the competency of the Swim England Preliminary Competitive Start Award are permitted to dive in to water.

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