22 Nov 2023

A professional swimming coach from Ipswich is celebrating 35 years of teaching, including coaching teams at Olympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Dave Champion, head coach at Teamipswich Swimming in Crown Pools, has been coaching swimming for three and a half decades. Over that time, he has coached national swim teams, including coaching Team GB at the Swimming World Cup in Indianapolis last year.

He said: "It's always a great honour to join the squad and it's fantastic to work with our athletes on an international level and see them compete.

"I enjoy everything about working with the squads we have at Teamipswich. "You need to have a real passion for this job as the early morning starts alone wouldn't be possible without it. 

"We have an amazing group of athletes and their dedication, and seeing them achieve their goals, is what inspires me." 

Teamipswich, one of the largest swimming clubs in the area with five competitive training squads, compete at a national and regional level regularly. Teamipswich has seen established swimmers pass through over the years, including Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champion Karen Pickering and former British Champion and Commonwealth Games competitor, Brett Lummis. 

Mr Champion continued: "Swimming is often seen to be quite an individual sport and many swimmers might think they will feel that when they are on the blocks about to race, but it is such a team effort. 

"I have the best coaching team at Teamipswich who bring out the best in our athletes whether they are starting out, learning to swim or heading to a national event. "Swimming is a great way to make new friends and something that you will be able to do throughout your life. "Look at me, 35 years as a coach and I'm still loving it as much as I ever did."

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