29 Sep 2023

Good morning, early risers!    

teamipswich has just published our club Newsletter's Autumn Issue of the Red Top!

We have lots to celebrate in this issue:

  • some fantastic photos (adults, you were warned!)
  • a warm welcome to our newbies!
  • Hear from Head Coach Dave about what doesn't require talent
  • a heartwarming story from the blue seats
  • a Top Squad sprinter Aka Mr Popular-Harry
  • a calendar of events
  • a checklist for those galas ahead!

Also, don't forget to book your seats for the Awards evening in November to collect and celebrate the fantastic swims from last weekend!

What a way to start the season!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue and for taking the time to do so...I get ever so excited when the latest Red Top issue lands in my inbox!  Teamipswich...in the pool and out!    

Apologies if you have received this more than once...I couldn't risk you missing out!     

See you soon!

Sam  (Chair teamipswich)

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